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I'm Craig, I'm 22, British/Jamaican, this is my mind dump I post what I like. kool? kool.

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The Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio, Jamaica

The Blue Lagoon is a deep blue water hole that is fed by freshwater springs and connects to the sea by a narrow channel.

This fresh water lagoon, due to the cold mineral water that bubbles out of the ground, is 180 ft. deep and of a remarkable shade of blue. The lagoon and the surrounding gardens are so beautiful and unique.

Have you been here?

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Anonymous asked: what is "good pussy" serious question here







pussy that make u think about being a father

  • pussy that make you question whether you’re gonna pull out or not
  • pussy that makes you really think bout making her breakfast
  • pussy that makes you cancel your plans for the next day
  • pussy that makes you wanna be a better person
  • pussy that makes you think bout deleting the guys in her phone

pussy that taste like cornbread


alright seeing as how I didnt know this blew up lemme make some additions

  • pussy that make you wanna try and change your diet so you look better eating it
  • pussy that makes you wanna hit the gym so you hit it longer and not get tired
  • pussy that makes you irrationally jealous of any dude she talks about including her father for some damn reason
  • pussy that makes you so wreckless you’d talk back to your momma within arms distance from her in her own damn house
  • pussy that makes you really think about taking the time to start over your favorite anime and explaining everything to her
  • pussy that makes you question whether ball is life or not when your boys wanna play a pick up game but she sent you nudes while you lacing up